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The Americans for the Arts Action Fund was formed to engage citizens in education and advocacy in support of the arts and arts education.

Its activities are designed to educate members and the general public about the impact of government policies and actions on the arts and the ways the public can become more active in helping to influence policy-makers.

To accomplish this mission, the Arts Action Fund is working to enlist and mobilize 1 million citizen activists who will help ensure that public and private resources are maximized and that arts-friendly public policies are adopted at the federal, state, and local levels.

Together with those citizens, we will:

…work to ensure that all Americans can benefit from and participate in the arts.

…support policy that nurtures an environment that allows individuals and families affordable access to all forms of the arts.

…work to ensure that every child has the opportunity for comprehensive, high quality arts education in grades K-12. …seek increased public funding for nonprofit arts organizations that provide access to individuals, families, and students.

…make a bipartisan effort to elect members of Congress who will fight for the arts and arts education at the federal level.

We will accomplish these goals by:

…educating elected officials, candidates, the media, and citizens on how the arts enrich our schools and communities.

…providing advocacy training for supporters at the federal, state, and local levels.

…evaluating current and prospective Members of Congress, assessing and rating their voting records on high-priority arts issues, and holding them accountable to their constituencies of arts supporters.

…aggressively petitioning to shape public policy for the arts and arts education.

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